My passion is designing and developing intelligently rich user interfaces and user experiences. I achieve this by continuously staying agile, and by setting and maintaining all expectations. My focus and attention to detail allows me to deliver on time and on budget.
Previous Experience
Consulting Engineer
January 2017 – Present
Focused on standing up application servers with perfect forward secrecy and complete HIPPA and NIST compliance. Made full transition from Objective-C to Swift for both macOS/iOS applications; en-route to Swift based cloud apps and services.
Full Time Remote Contractor
March 2015 – December 2016
Collaboratively designed and developed a complete ecosystem of reusable data driven performance dashboards for a personalized, fully integrated digital teaching and learning ecosystem built specifically for healthcare education. Offices were located in Philadelphia, Pensilvania.

UI/UX Engineer
February 2012 – December 2013
Analytics Startup. Designed and developed analytics dashboards, data visualizations, charts and graphs. In addition, developed and maintained the marketing website. Offices were located in Leesburg, Virginia.
Sturm Interactive, LLC
May 2008 – February 2012
Striking out on my own. Took on contracts for just about ever real marketing and advertising agency in the St. Louis metro area. Designed and developed websites, applications, and rich user experiences in about every medium possible. Never made a cold call and there was constant work.
Senior Visual Designer
April 2004 – May 2008
Designed and developed rich user experience websites and applications for way too many B2B and B2C clients. Great team of people made all the difference; most contiguous block of employment to date.
Application Developer
DIY Technologies
December 2002 – November 2003
Return of the .com job! Continued my previous duties with designing and developing interactive calculators, estimators, and visualizers. This apprenticeship unlocked the next level.
Virtual Simulations Engineer
University of Arizona
July 2002 – December 2002
Worked with the assistant dean (and his growing team) of the UA civil engineering college. Tasked to develop online based civil engineering experiments and simulations. The simulations were for 1st and 2nd year civil engineering students and a huge cost savings to the college.
Media Lab Staff
University of Arizona
August 2001 – July 2002
Technical lead and training instructor. Helped students and faculty with interactive applications, motion graphics, audio/video hardware and software.
Application Developer
Fuzzy Logical
March 2001 – August 2001
The post .com job. Designed and developed various feature rich web applications. It was fun while it lasted; warehouse space in downtown Tucson. Priming event to go back to the university for additional training.
Application Designer & Developer
DIY Technologies
Nov 1999 – January 2001
The .com job! Designed and developed interactive calculators, estimators, and visualizers targeting the home improvement industry.
Webmaster + Print
Gain Communications, ISP
September 1998 – November 1999
Designed and developed websites and configuring eCommerce platforms for clients while working at a 56k V.90 dialup Internet Service Provider. Additional duties included designing excellent and challenging print work: tear sheets, sales collateral, brochures, posters, convention graphics, and banners.
Delivery in 30 Minutes or it's Free
Brooklyn Pizza Company
Jan 1998 – September 1998
Going to college, might as well deliver pizza for one of the best parlors on the planet, Brooklyn Pizza Company. All the while, I continued learning how to design and develop websites with that magical HTML.
Cavalry Scout
US Army
January 1994 – Dec 1997
Volunteered for 4 years in the US Army as a Cavalry Scout. Combat Veteran; honorably discharged.
Reference available upon request.