React D3 Charts
Now available on
Waken Up
Built when humans turned off notifications
Project Explorer iPhone App
Updated the iPad version into a universal app.
Project Explorer iPad App
Designed and developed using Swift 4.
Performance Dashboards
Developed user-interaction animated dashboards with Angular & D3.
Whether App
An app to finally answer the question whether it was warmer or colder last year.
*analytic concepts
Data visualizations and analytics dashboards.
Coloring Book App
An interactive iOS coloring book.
Trex Color Visualizer App
iPad application to visualize different Trex products on various deck layouts.
Graviticks App
Unity3D based physics simulation game.
*opt-in apps
iPad applications for gathering opt-in emails and information.
*rich internet apps
Applications developed during the .com for a the home Improvement Industry targeting DIY'ers.
*rich media websites
Feature rich media experiences.. Lots of videos, animation, sound effects and continuous user interactions.
*web games
A few interactive games that I have designed and or developed over the years.
*some other websites
A few of the many websites that I designed, developed.. or both!